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Бюро переводов с нотариальным заверением в Москве

12-2 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia

Opening hours:
Daily 09-19 Online: 24/7

12-2 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia


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Письменный перевод с/на английский язык


Соотношение цены, качества и сроков

Удобство в оформлении и получении заказа

    Нажимая кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных

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    Professional approach to any task

      Нажимая кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных

      We provide a wide range of services

      A professional approach to any task: from translation and certification of personal documents to translation of a narrow area of expertise!

      We notarise documents

      In most cases, the finished translations are subject to notarization (notarial certification). The notary certifies the authenticity of the translator's signature. The translation must be stitched together with the original, a copy or a notarized copy of the document..

      prices from 600 rubles

      Special deals on our services

      Professional approach to any task

      Door delivery Apostille on One-Two-Three!

      Make a request and we do the rest!

      You can:

      - fill in a form on the website;

      - send a scanned document to our email [email protected]

      - send the document to WhatsApp +7 (926) 879-89-69

      - bring the documents to our office in person or

      - all in our specialist at a time and place convenient for you.

      1) We estimate the cost and time required for translation.

      - The translator - a specialist in specific area, translates the document.

      - The editor proofreads the finished translation.

      - The layout designers make up design of the finished translation (if necessary).

      - bring to our office in person or

      - We certify the document with a notary or company seal (at your choice).

      You can get finished documents in our office, by delivery man or express mail delivery anywhere in the world!

      If the finished translation does not need to be certified, you can receive it by e-mail, notifying the manager in advance.

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      Professional approach to any task

        Нажимая кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных

        Delivery methods

        On our website, clients can choose the nearest office of the translation agency for themselves, or indicate the required delivery addresses of the finished package of documents.

        Personal delivery to the door

        Starting from 300 rubles in any convinient place for you

        Pick up from the nearest office

        7 offices in Moscow and Moscow region

        In digital form by email

        Operational efficiency. Get the translation to your email in 40 minutes!

        Delivery by post to any city in Russia or the CIS

        Do you have time to wait? We will send the document by mail or transport company

        Why is it convenient and easy to work with us?

        The policy of the “MiroMax” company is focused at most on customer needs.


        guarantee of our work


        target languages




        work around the clock


        b2b clients




        years on the market


        of customers like our prices

        Cost cutting till 30%

        we offer our customers a price without overpayments. The cost of a professional translation starts from 400 rubles per page.

        Lead time - from 1 hour

        Are you on deadlines? Did you need a translation yesterday? Call us! We punch above weight, regardless of the subject of the original document. Without much discussion.

        Not a single mistake in work

        the finished order is reviewed during 3-stage check by specialists with 17 years of experience. Services are certified according to international standards (ISO).

        Favourable terms of collaboration for companies

        free test translation (up to 1500 characters) and selection of the most qualified translators for projects.

        Our clients

        For our partners
        and friends we accomplish wonders

        Frequently asked questions

        You ask – we answer

        Still have questions?

        Call by phone +7 (495) 128-88-54
        or leave a request: